Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas: What to Buy for the Kiddos

Well, in the past couple of days, I've covered what to buy for the guys and the gals, so it is time to move on to the kiddos.

For the tweener girl:
Why wouldn't a tweener love sparkly perfume?  This is from Sephora for $18. 

For the tweener boy:
I think I'm going to reference my post on gifts for guys on this one.  My little cousin is a tweener now and his big holiday gifts are going to be games for his Wii and a hockey jersey, since his favorite sport is hockey.  Similar gifts would be good for any tween boy.

For the kid girl:
I looovveeeddd everything to do with play kitchens when I was a kid.  Who didn't?  I recently saw felt food on another blog and I thought, what a genius idea!  Aren't these so sweet?  A great sewer could even make them.
Felt food breakfast, $26.50 on etsy.  There are even a lot of sellers on etsy who sell the patterns for felt food for you crafters out there.

For the kid boy: 
What kid doesn't love walkie talkies? These are kind of pricey at $50, but you could certainly find more affordable ones if you try.

For the baby:
A couple of my friends have had babies recently and it is so fun.  Every baby thing I see, I want to buy, especially on etsy.  For Christmas, I think I will buy a book for the sweetest new baby I know.  A love of reading should begin at an early age.  The twins I used to babysit for would read with me for a really long time (they sat through the entire Cat in the Hat!), even at 18 months old, because their mom read to them when they were little babies.
Karen Katz books are really fun for babies because they have flaps that baby (or mom) can lift up.  This box set is only $15 from Barnes and Noble.

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