Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gift Help

Hello everyone!  Did you miss me?  I took a little two day blogging break.

Well, now that I'm back I have a confession to make... I have a total of 1 gift purchased for Christmas.  Oops.  I have to say, when you live in D.C. and don't have a car, it isn't exactly easy to run to wherever and shop, in my opinion anyway.  I do a lot of online shopping but with finals, I didn't even really have much time to do that this year.

So... now that finals are over, I have to start finish my shopping.

Here are some things I know I'll be picking up:

Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee

B&N Gift Card for Nook

But, I am having two major issues with gift giving this year and I will happily take your advice!

First of all, I do NOT know what to get for my brother.  He's a big time fisherman who just bought a brand new boat.  I don't know the first thing about fishing accessories or something I can get him that he might like.  Does anyone out there have this issue?  I would love to find him something nice in the $40-$50 range.

Secondly, there is someone I buy gifts for who is not the best gift receiver.  This person just tosses aside whatever gift he/she receives with a really quick "Oh, thanks."  It irritates me SO MUCH.  Even if I get a gift I wasn't expecting or don't like, I try to seem like I like it, you know?  When people act so entitled about receiving gifts, it really takes the fun out of giving them for me.  Does this ever happen to you? How do you deal with it? 

And, before I go, I wanted to share the "swanky" gift that my sweet friend Emily got for me for Christmas. (Sorry, Emily- I didn't have a chance to take a photo of my actual gift before I left D.C.)
Emily ordered a CUSTOM lucite catchall for me from Nico & Lala.  Mine looks like this, but the colors are blue and beige.  It goes so perfectly with my apartment!  I am planning a bathroom revamp after the holidays (once I get my new shower curtain) and I can't wait to showcase my catchall in my new bathroom.  Thanks so much, Emily! 

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  1. glad you like it! i hope you figured out that the reversible part happens by flipping the little mat thingy!! it was so great to see your new place and im so happy youll have something swanky from me to use!!


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