Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top Ten Christmas Songs

I forgot to mention yesterday that I accomplished a goal.  At the beginning of November, I decided I was going to blog every day.  And I did it!  I didn't want to mention it here in case I fell off the wagon.  I know a few of the posts, especially last week while I was on vacation, were sort of boring cop-outs, but coming up with fresh content every day can be tough, people.

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Now, to the main event:

Everyone has favorite things about the holidays, and most of us have favorite songs that go along with the holidays.  Here are mine.  They are in a pseudo-order of most favoriteness.  Haha.

Make sure to click on the links to watch the YouTube videos if you are feeling festive! 

Written by Dr. Seuss
The lyrics of this song are just really funny if you pay attention.  
"You're as cuddly as a cactus, your as charming as an eel..."

Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis 
You'll recognize this version from the Sex and the City movie.  I love this version of the song so much.  It is so beautiful. 

8.  The Man with the Bag
Kay Starr
I'm sorry this video is really bad, but if you just listen to it, you get the point.  This song is so fun! 

Bing Crosby
What a great song.  You know you love it too.

Elvis Presley 
Well, I was raised in Memphis so I feel sort of obligated to include this one.  It really is an oldie but goodie, though. 

Bing Crosby

The Carpenters
I know the Carpenters are super cheese-ball, but their cd was my mom's favorite one at Christmastime and their Christmas music is comforting to me.  I love this song when anyone sings it. 

Judy Garland
What a wonderful song.  It is so sweet and sort of sad. 

Mariah Carey
This is just such a great song to jam out to and it brings me straight back to my middle school and high school days.  My mom had her Christmas CD and I remember it being one of my favorites as a kid.

Any artist
I think the phrase "Let Heaven and Nature Sing" is so beautiful and it embodies the spirit of Christmastime to me.  It should be a time of peace when we can listen to nature and reflect on things in the year past.

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