Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude Post #2

I'm thankful that I was on spring break this week. Although I was not nearly as productive as I wanted to be/ should have been, I am now certainly well rested. Although, for some reason, I could sleep more...

I'm thankful that in the past week, I've been able to see three people from my internship this summer and am planning to see another this weekend for brunch. I'm glad i've been able to maintain these friendships and relationships.

I'm thankful that my dog Eliza got a good report of health from the vet this week and a haircut/ bath. She needed both. And now she looks even more adorable and lovable. [Lovable really only has one "e"? Who knew?] I'm also thankful that my dad was able to foot the bill for the vet and the groomer. Cause if he hadn't, I woulda had to float a loan.

I'm thankful for in-building laundry and multiple machines. I can get all my laundry clean in two hours. Awesome.

I'm thankful for zipcar giving me wheels when I need them... even though I think they could nudge the prices down a little!

I'm thankful for hot water and a dishwasher. Both vastly improve my quality of life. 

Have a great weekend, people. I hope you get the chance to do a little bit of nothing this weekend! 


  1. nice post! eliza looks like a stuffed animal! how darling!

  2. eliza looks soooo good! tell her aunt courtney says hello and i love her


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