Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Internets

Most of the time, I am completely grateful for the internet. When I try to imagine how people did simple things like, say, find a veterinarian in a new city, or plan a vacation or business trip without the internet, it sort of blows my mind. 

Check out this clip from the Today Show in 1994. The hosts are talking about what "internet" is and how it works. And exactly what does that "@" symbol mean? At? About? Around?

Anyway, as much as I love the internet I think I allow it to cloud my thoughts too much. I get distracted so easily when I'm surfing the net. And as a result, my productivity levels can be quite low. (That's kind of another story for another day...)

I also sort of have an internal battle sometimes where I feel obligated (by myself, of course) to read blogs, check all the daily deals sites, check twitter 1,409 times a day, etc. Do any of you deal with this? It's so hard to stay focused on what really matters sometimes!

But just when I'm ready to curse the internet and try to break my addiction to blogs, I find beautiful images and cool things that keep me coming back.  Here are some of my latest infatuations.

These are pineberrys. Apparently they are strawberries and pineapples combined. whoa. Does that not blow your mind?
In my older days, I've become more cynical. So much so that weddings (especially cookie-cutter ones) kind of send me over the edge. I just feel sometimes like nothing in a wedding is really original anymore. Plus the amount of money that people spend on weddings... it just makes me crazy sometimes.  
Anyway, just look at this picture. It kind of makes me want to have a wedding that I actually invite people to one day.  I think the mason jars hanging from the tree are so charming. 

And then, there are furniture makeovers, like this one from Carolina Country Living. 
Seriously. If I lived anywhere near this beauty, I would rent a truck and plop down my cash and buy it right up. Even if I didn't have a place to put it. 

Check out that linen closet from Martha Stewart. Now, that could actually inspire me to clean out the overflowing linen closet in the bathroom of the house I grew up in. The sheets are stored inside the pillow cases. How have I not seen this before?
Ya'll know how much I love yellow. Although I wouldn't design a kitchen exactly like this one, it's pretty darn good inspiration if you ask me.


  1. omg, pineberry? gotta find out where i can get some of those things. good thing i have some internets to help me = )

  2. omg, sometimes I go to the internet with an extremely specific task in mind-I'll have a goal, and it usually has some urgency to it, ya know, I'll be on a tight time schedule.. and I don't know, I must black out and when I come to, I'm on facebook. I won't remember typing it in the URL box and there I am, 30 pictures into someone's tagged photos.

    so yeah, I totes understand what you mean by low productivity where the interwebz is sometimes concerned...


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