Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket

Baskets. There are so many great uses for them. Since I like to keep things organized and orderly, I use baskets a lot to group things together and keep them from going crazy.  The best part about these baskets is that I only bought one of them for the specific purpose it is serving. The rest I just happened to have and was able to find a useful place for. 

So, what can you use them for?

Dog supplies.  Eliza is high maintenance. This is no shock to those of you who know her.

 Lotions and potions.

Socks and other unmentionables.

Dog toys.

Snacks. (This really helped me maximize space while still being able to reach everything.)

Light bulbs. Secure they are much tougher to break.
Fact: I absolutely HATE the sound of a lightbulb breaking. And hey- those energy efficient ones don't come cheap. I can't afford to have them break. 

Toilet paper. This way, my guests don't have to go rooting through my closet to find more toilet paper if the roll runs out.

I did actually buy these with the specific purpose of desk organization a couple of years ago for another desk. I was so happy when they fit in this desk! Each basket is labeled too. I know it is obsessive but it makes me happy.  It's the little things, right? 

Sometimes you have to get creative with your resources, and it works out quite well.


  1. I love baskets too. I use them alot in my pantry to organize like items together. And, YES, to the labels. I would marry my label maker if I could. lurve it...

  2. lol we are opposite, if I took a picture of my room right now, you would absolutely die. I have literally clothes all over the floor, on my bed, which doesn't have sheets on it bc i took them off but am too lazy to wash them. I have just shit everywhere unorganized. maybe i should invest in some baskets

  3. @Kyra: I don't have a label maker- I usually just write my own labels, but that's definitely something I want to invest in someday! ahhhh organiztion, I love it!

    @B: yes your room probably would make me crazy.


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