Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Current Preoccupations

Things tend to spiral out of control when one spends too much time on one's computer... online window shopping.
Glittering Arc Barrette from Anthropologie, $18
I love this barrette from anthro. I'm very tempted to buy it for a Mardi Gras Ball I'm going to soon.

Cheers Necklace from Kate Spade, $75
This necklace from Kate Spade is darling. There. I said it.

Citrine & Amethyst Earrings by Bounkit, $365
The picture you will find if you click the link is a little different.  These earrings are not even remotely near my budget, but I really love them.  They are nice to look at, at least.

And speaking of online shopping browsing, I sometimes browse while watching these ladies:
What do yall think about the season?  Adrienne is definitely high on my list of all-time favorite housewives in terms of being an actual human being I would want to adopt me know in real life.  In terms of being entertaining, I really liked Kyle all season, but recently I'm not so sure.  I do love Lisa, though. She tells it like it is, but with a sense of humor.  And she's not afraid to find humor in herself, too. 

In a preview clip I saw of tonight's show, Andy Cohen tells Taylor point-blank that she was responsible for starting the Kim-Kyle limo showdown.  I'm looking forward to hearing her response to that claim. I tried to give her a fair chance at first, but I have to admit that she is not my favorite- she always starts things and then acts oh-so-innocent & tries to be "above" it all.  It will be interesting to see what excuse she comes up with this time.

Fellow devotees- don't forget to tune in to part two of the Reunion tonight (Tuesday) on Bravo!  And if you aren't a devotee, please don't judge me. Okay... you can judge me a little- but it won't change my adoration for these ladies. 

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  1. hi katelyn! you have your blogger set on no-reply so i can't email back form your comments. but iw anted to let you know a location aand date have been temporarily set. it will be in arlington on march 26th... i just need to check my calenmdar but melissa from houseography offered her home as long as there are not more than 50 of us, which i highly doubt there will be!!!
    also- i have NO idea you went to LSU. we moved here from slidell 4 years ago- both my kids were born there. we lived there for 4 years, and in new orleans for a year on magazine st.


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