Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I thought I would share some of my favorite kitchen gadgets today. 

Love, love, love my Le Creuset oval dutch oven.  I bought a set of T-Fal pots and pans when I moved into my first apartment, and the skillets are great.  The pots, however, stink.  I got my Le Creuset earlier this year at an outlet and I love it.  Everything just cooks so much better in this pot.  A key ingredient in cookware is a good weight to the item, and Le Creuset definitely offers that!

A corkscrew with arms is essential for any kitchen, even if you don't cook.  I bought mine for like $5 at Ikea.  I am simply incapable of opening a bottle of wine with a waiter's corkscrew and trying (unsuccessfully) to open a bottle of wine with a waiter's corkscrew makes me even more thirsty, if you know what I mean.

Although I do not own one of these, they are money, baby.  Please excuse the lame phrase.  If you've ever made marshmallows with a hand mixer (me) or tried to get your egg whites to peak using a hand mixer (me again) and you've used one of these, it is hard to go back.  I'm hoping one of these will soon take up residence on my counter.

This is pretty much exactly what my cutting board looks like.  I keep it behind my sink for easy reaching.  I use it to cute fruit, bread and for any other quick chopping jobs.  I use other dishwasher safe cutting boards for meats and veggies.  I love having this cutting board handy for quick lunch preparations or snacks.

I've already blogged about my love for my mini food processor and my melamine mixing bowls, so I won't bore you with that again, but I do highly recommend both products for anyone out there.

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