Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Maybe Makeover

A couple of weeks ago my friend Emily asked me what my bathroom looks like because I hadn't blogged about it yet.  Well, here it is.  It is small but very functional for one person.

When I moved into this apartment, I bought this shower curtain.  I wanted the bathroom to have the feeling of a nice hotel, but it just doesn't.  After I started thinking about the bathroom more, I realized that I'm really not so happy with it.

Here's my little shelf that I use to store some things.  For such a tiny bathroom it actually has a lot of storage, so I don't have to worry with storing a ton on this shelf.

See what I mean?  This vanity holds A TON.  And its awesome and I love it.  

And I even have a medicine cabinet for more storage.  This is really handy for things I need every day.

So, back to what's on my mind now.  I thought I was "done" decorating my apartment.  But now I'm craving some changes in the bathroom and the kitchen.  Isn't that always how life works?  I think I just need more color in the bathroom.  It is so dark with the navy walls that the shower curtain just makes things really boring.

Here are some new shower curtain options I'm considering.

From for $34.99

I know this one is kind of small, but I couldn't find a better picture.  Go to this link to see better. It is from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

From Kohl's for $49.99.  More than I really want to spend, but maybe it will go on sale? 

From Kohl's for $24.49.

What do yall think?  Make sure to jump over to Kelly's Korner to see more bathrooms.

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  1. Either the first one or the third one, though it is expensive. I don't think the white one has enough color to brighten the room like you want.


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