Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sensible Heels for the Office

A few dear college friends may be moving to D.C. in the next few months (I hope).  One texted me yesterday to ask my thoughts on flats versus heels in the office.

I should say that there are obviously different types of days in the office.  There are more casual days, like today since many people were out of the office due to the Federal Holiday.  Then there are more formal days when good sense should tell you that you will need to wear your good suit.  On more casual or even normal days, I recommend wearing flats or heels depending on what's comfortable to you.  On the dressy days, I recommend the heels.  Now, I do not mean the sky-high, 4-inch heels.  One thing to understand, especially about working in the public sector, is that the buildings are BIG and the hallways are long.  Some days you walk and stand a lot more than other days.  And sometimes, the floors are slick.  I'm just saying... 

That being said, I always, always, always recommend flats for your commute if you are a walker.  Why torture yourself unnecessarily? 

Another tip that I have is to have a shoe drawer in your desk if space allows.  Keep your heels in there instead of lugging them home every day.  Or keep your extra flats in there just in case.  You never know when you will be dying for a pair of flats.

Now, moving on to the eye-candy.  Here are some great [mostly affordable] shoes that would be great for the office.

Nice, sensible heel.  Classic style.  Would go with anything and everything in this color.
From DSW for $69.95.

These Clarks are stylish, not matronly.  A wider heel means comfort.  The Clarks brand means crucial arch support.
From for $89.95 + free two-day shipping.

Offered in a large variety of colors and will go with everything.  Many of my coworkers have these or similar shoes and wear them all the time.  They are great for the office.
From from $38.47 for sale colors.

Another great option from bandolino.  Offered in many different colors and fabrics.
From for $69.95.

I'm going to save a post of office flats for another day, but hopefully this will be a good starting point! 

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