Saturday, November 20, 2010


So, I have a really fun and special holiday party to go to in a couple of weeks.  The dress-code is not that dressy but it is still a special occasion and I want to look nice.  I bought a cute blazer and subtly sparkly top to wear, but now that I have them, they aren't special enough (although they are still cute and flatter so I'm keeping them!). 

What's a girl to do?  I need to make this decision soon since my party is coming up the second week of December, and I want to have time to make sure I love everything.  Basically, I need to order tonight.  That means that 

Option 1
From talbots on sale for $124.

I would pair this with a jacket, like this one, in either silver or black:

From talbots for $129.

And then, shoes that I already own that look sort of like this:

Option 2

From Macy's on sale for $40.

From talbots, on sale for $115.

I would also wear the same jacket (in sliver or black) above and shoes.

I could also wear this jacket, which I already own:

Option 3

This dress in purple from QVC.  (Couldn't get a picture.)

I would also wear the velveteen jacket from Talbots, seen above.
Steve Madden shoes for $90.

What do yall think?? Please leave me comments.  (I will be sad if you don't!)


  1. I LOOOOVE the first dress fom talbots. I think it's simple and classy an you can wear it with pearls or diamonds or even something funky. I think putting it with the silver jacket is awesome and I can even imagine wearing that jacket aain with some dark denim and going out for dinner. Love the red shoes with it all.

    I would probably also still buy that sparkly top from macys though since its on sale... I find myself wishing I had a sparkly black top a lot actually!

  2. ohhh i like them all!!! i have a thing for purple and gold though... ;)

  3. i like option one also! with the silver jacket & red shoes.


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