Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I like to send letters to people.  Sometimes I send them to say "thank you," sometimes I send them to say "hello," and sometimes I send them to say "happy birthday," "congratulations," or "I miss you." 

Unfortunately, hand-written letters are sort of uncommon today, depending on who you talk to.  That makes it even more special when you receive them, and more special when you can send them to someone you care about.

Sometimes, when I am really feeling like I want to do something special for someone, I get this out:

The seal. [Please excuse the blotchy self-manicure.]

The wax.
What is this, you ask? Why, my wax seal of course.  I got it last year for Christmas when I asked my aunt for one.  I wish it were bigger, but someday I will buy a bigger one.

So, how does it work? You light the wax and let it drip down on the paper surface.  Then, you press the seal into the hot wax and it leaves an imprint.  You can also buy wax made for hot glue guns, which I think I want to get someday in the future. 

The finished, somewhat crooked, result.
I always end up with a rogue drip of wax.  Always, always, always.  What can I say, screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.  
[The Breakfast Club- anyone get that reference? Anyone...?]

These are nothing new, of course, but they are sort of unfamiliar to a lot of folks these days.  I think they are just a nice way to add the finishing touch to a lovely note.


  1. how DARLING! and i LIKE the extra drip of wax. very authentic!

  2. i want a little note with a wax W on the back! and you are so right on the world is an imperfect place, i mean seriously.....sometimes the doorknobs fall right off in your hand, but hey... what else is new?


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